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WHO we are:

We are former professional dancers and parents of three children who all dance. We have a passion for dance, dance education and years of experience teaching, performing, and inspiring the next generation.


We have enjoyed performing for audiences both in the United States and internationally, and working with esteemed directors and choreographers. We have also taught students of all ages at many prominent schools across the country. We understand the type of experiences and opportunities parents seek for their children and we are here to provide it. Our passion and dedication to nurturing the next generation of dancers is truly what makes us the studio you’ve been longing for.

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WHAT we do:


We provide a joyful, professional, and respectful environment where all students will feel challenged yet accomplished, and parents will know their child is being challenged yet encouraged, and excelling on their own path.

We believe that each student deserves to feel accomplished, and each student develops at their own rate and along their own path. We nurture, challenge, and encourage every student while helping them discover self-confidence, physical and emotional investment, and the joys of moving to music. Parents will know that their child is learning, progressing, and being given individual attention and feedback in a safe and respectful environment.


We carefully consider the needs of each student and take them into consideration when designing our programming and performing opportunities

We carefully design age-appropriate and developmentally appropriate curriculum so that students in all levels of study can experience the rewards, results, and sense of pride and accomplishment that comes from studying dance. We foster a love of the arts through quality dance instruction, diverse performing opportunities, and involvement within our community. We seek to provide high quality performing opportunities which give students valuable insights into the world of professional dance and performance, and a gratifying result to their hard work.  Every dancer is valued, encouraged, and given individual feedback, regardless of their age, personal goals, or previous experience. We offer several classes throughout the week to give families options that are convenient and worthwhile.

"Alex Dickson Lynch and Tim Lynch are two of the most inspiring, encouraging, positive, caring, and beneficial teachers I've ever had the pleasure of working with. They work with integrity, enthusiasm, and a great sense of purpose, while instilling the same values in each of their students.  They provide professional training of the highest quality and a positive experience that truly reflects their love of dance and greatly benefits both aspiring professional and recreational students of all ages."

Emily Lovdahl

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